About WR Controls

WR Controls specialises in control cables. We focus on three primary business areas: Automotive, Industrial and Marine. Our control cables are utilised wherever it is necessary to extend a movement. You come in contact with control cables everyday, without even being aware of it. They provide functions that you take for granted and are used in vehicles to adjust the ventilation, the position of the seat and to control gear shifting. Garden and agricultural machines have a wide range of adjustments where control cables are used. Our technology is also used to guide and control a boat's speed.

With focus on product integration and system deliveries, we create total solutions that offer good profitability, reliability and performance for our customers as well as the end-users.

Our company has a 50-year history and these years have given us invaluable experience and know-how that we put to good use in the development processes with our customers. This, coupled with our global presence, high level of automation and our cost-efficient production process makes us a solid partner. Our customer structure includes both global industrial groups and companies working on the local level.


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