Business strategy
The WR Controls Group develops and manufactures control cables for vehicle, industrial and marine applications. These products are manufactured and marketed all over the world. The Group's objectives are to be profitable and to meet our customers' requirements.

The WR Controls Group is a global strategic partner in the areas of vehicle, industry and marine. Through our strong brand, the WR Controls Group is an internationally leading supplier of mechanical and electronic control systems.

Our aim is to promote ecologically sustainable development and thereby take our share of the responsibility for the environment of tomorrow while at the same time conducting operations in a sound financial manner.
This means that we will:
  • Adhere to all applicable environmental laws, ordinances, regulations and other requirements.
  • Work with environmental objectives and steady improvements.
  • Work to reduce and prevent all types of pollution and minimize the use of raw materials and energy.

WPS - WR Controls' Production System

WPS encompasses the values, principles and priorities that provide short- and long-term guidance for our daily operations.

These values remain stable for an extended period of time and form the foundation on which our operations are based. The principles describe the way in which we think and how we act in different situations as well as providing a basis for our choice of processes and working methods. Choosing the right working methods enables us to reach the desired results.

Feedback is provided through analysis of our results ('Lessons Learned'). This enables us to determine if we have used the optimal working method or if there is room for improvement.


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